Working with Oceanair

Direct Corporate Clients

Working with Oceanair

Direct Corporate Clients

Supporting International HR and Global Mobility teams.

Oceanair has been working with many small, medium, and large corporations over almost 50 years, with helping Global Mobility teams and International HR for their global assignees on the move.

This diagram shows the average cycle of a relocation, and Oceanair specialise in the green sections, of packing and moving an assignee from home location to host, and then in due course from host location back home, or on to the next assignment location.

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Focussed on the business of moving.

We can certainly help you ‘manage’ the other services mentioned, as we work with some excellent Relocation Management Companies, but Oceanair are removals specialists, so we like to be open and honest, that moving is our main focus.

Supporting corporations of all sizes for almost 50 years.

If you would like to discuss adding Oceanair to your moving supplier panel, looking to invite us to participate in an upcoming RFP, have an upcoming group move project, or just looking to discuss current trends in international removals for short, medium and long term assignments, then please contact us.

We are always happy to share testimonials from our current direct corporate relationships, discuss our policy’s such as Sustainability, and more.


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